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    Monday, August 5, 2024


The Alumni Association presents a $5,000 donation from Legacy Fund to High School for auditorium sound system improvements.

We would like to thank you for your interest in the Selinsgrove Area Alumni Association! We believe now is an excellent time to establish a dynamic and vibrant alumni organization and look forward to the many possibilities we can achieve with your help!

Since the time of the previous efforts to establish an association and related fund, a number of dynamics have changed including the state of the economy, loss of revenue at the state level, and the competitiveness of global markets. This changing dynamic makes it imperative that Selinsgrove join the ranks of many other school districts and institute both the Alumni Association and Legacy Fund.

We are now recruiting alumni who are willing to be a part of our Alumni Association and who will be dedicated to meeting the objectives of the organization. Priority will be given to the Alumni Association in order to establish the network of graduates, which will better enable the creation of future projects including community events and the Legacy Fund.

• Build friendship and cooperation among alumni of Selinsgrove Area High School.
• Help alumni maintain contact with each other and with the Selinsgrove Area High School and community.
• Assist graduating classes as they prepare for reunions.
• Host community and school-based events providing all alumni an opportunity to reconnect with each other and the area.
• Encourage alumni and friends support of the district’s educational, cultural, curricular, extra-curricular,and athletic programs through monetary and in-kind donations to the Selinsgrove Area School District through the Alumni Association.

Are you interested in becoming a member? We invite you to attend an upcoming meeting to learn more. Or, join today by visiting our Become a Member page!