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    Monday, August 5, 2024

Become a Member

Kick-off of the First Alumni Association Meeting

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Selinsgrove Alumni Association. Our mission is to build friendship and cooperation among alumni of Selinsgrove Area High School, to help alumni maintain contact with each other and with the Selinsgrove Area High School and community. We assist graduating classes as they prepare for reunions. Our group also hosts community and school-based events providing all alumni an opportunity to reconnect with each other and the area. Last but now least, we encourage alumni support of the district’s educational, cultural, and athletic programs through monetary and in-kind donations to the Selinsgrove Area School District through the Alumni Association. We hope that you decide to become part of this groundbreaking initiative!

Why Become a Member?

Becoming a member of the Alumni Association means your name, graduation year, and contact information will be listed on our website, which will serve as a vehicle to make contact with your fellow alumni as well as help them contact you. The ultimate goal is to have as many alumni as possible listed on our site, which we hope will emerge as the go-to resource for alumni to stay in touch with their class and will all classes in the District. Plans are also being put in place to establish a social media presence on Facebook where we can offer additional opportunities to connect.

Also, becoming a member of the Association entitles you to be invited to all of our events and functions as they are schedule in the future. We’ve recently held events associated with the annual Homecoming and continue to discuss ideas for events that we hope will be a great opportunity for alumni of all ages to get together. Your input regarding activities for the group as well as your attendance at our monthly meetings is more than welcome!

Thirdly, membership entitles you to receive the Association publication ‘The Seal Barker’, which is an alumni newsletter designed to keep membership abreast of the Association’s activities as well as events pertaining to the District and community.

As a member of the Selinsgrove Area High School Alumni Association, we hope that you will act as a spokesperson and recruiter for the organization. We need motivated people like yourself to assist in spreading the word about the Association and the benefits of membership. If you come into contact with fellow alumni, don’t hesitate to let them know about how to become a member. Also, please let us know of your plans for your class reunion because we can supply information and possible speakers to introduce and talk briefly about the Association.

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